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Mojito Ingredients

  • 1/2 – Unwaxed Organic Lime (To Taste)
  • Half a Hand Full Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 3 Tea Spoons Caster Sugar (To Taste)
  • Dash of Soda Water
  • 50ml of a Good White Rum (Bacardi)
  • Ice (Crushed is Best)

There are many versions of the a mojito but this is your bog standard one and in my opinion the best one, However I partial to English mojito where you replace the rum with gin and the soda water with tonic water. Defiantly give it ago if your feeling adventuress.


  1. Start by getting yourself a solid glass or jug to mash and muddle all the ingredients together in. As if you mash and muddle anything like i do you’ll almost certainly end up being rather overzealous with mashing and smash the glass…… we do not want this! So don’t ignore the solid glass direction people!

  2. Next cut your lime into four slices and pop in into the glass with the caster sugar, using a cocktail muddler, muddle the lime and sugar together.( If you don’t have a cocktail muddler a small rolling pin or spoon will be fine)

  3. Now roughly rip your mint leaves, rub them around the top of the glass then add them to the sugary paste already in the glass. Use the cocktail muddler or a spoon gently push the leaves to the bottom of the glass.

  4. Now half fill your glass with ice and pour in the white rum. Fill the rest of the glass with ice then top up the with soda water, pop a straw in,give it a little stir and congratulate yourself on making a fantastic Mojito.





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