Just Some Basic Do’s & Dont’s of Coffee

esspressoMy first tip which I now live by after years of making this very mistake, that I'm sure lots of people are still making is simply with the purchasing of coffee.
Freshly roasted beans are key! If your bag of coffee doesn't have a roast date. Then this is something the manufacturer does not want you to know! Your best bet is to buy freshly roasted beans from your local coffee shop. ( Please don't think I mean Starbucks or Costa when I say this ) Make sure that your bag has a roast by date that is within at least 5 days of you purchasing it. The further away your coffee gets from its roast by date the more the taste will deteriorate. Due to loss of the oils released when roasting. Try not to use the beans 3-5 days after roasting. As the gases from roasting will still be present at this point. If you really can't be doing with the daily grind( pardon the pun) or Inconvenience of grinding your beans then there are some great services out there that deliver freshly roasted, ground beans to your door. At a set interval. The freshness obviously will never match grinding your own beans but it's your next best option.


My next tip boils down to storage. When storing your coffee make sure you're keeping it in a cool dry environment, for example an air tight glass jar in a cupboard...... It's as easy as that! DO NOT keep your coffee in the fridge.... I repeat DO NOT keep your coffee in the fridge!! I don't know where this widely adopted habit has come from but it's doing your coffee no favours, when it comes to its flavour and certainly doesn't help its lifespan.

Tip three keep experimenting with different varieties and roasts. The world of coffee is limitless! Change is good when it comes to coffee, pick different regions and roasters to try to find your favourite flavours. Your morning cup of joe can be so much more than a mundane wake me up before work. Trying different roasts and brew's can open up a whole new world to be explored.

Last but not least. Keep educating yourself, learn different brewing methods and recipes. there's even beginner barista courses if you really wish to delve deep into the world of coffee.

Keep your eyes peeled for more content including recipes, brew methods and reviews in the future all here on One Mans Coffee.